Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A trip to the Isles of Shoals will spark any spirit!

I went STAR ISLAND this weekend to do some volunteer work, to get the Island ready for summer. Though it was raw, chilly, and the dusk came too soon...it was worth the trip!
The wi fi wasn't quite up to speed, so that was an adjustment, i am such an addict to wi fi stimuli'...but i adjusted!  The morning came and i think it was about 5am, when the "birders" got together to look for birds.
I joined them briefly, but ended up wandering off on my own, camera and coffee in hand....
The salt air was damp...the gulls were not quite up yet, but the birds were readying their day.
I walked down to the pier, to listen to the water slap against the wood...just to imagine what it must have been like, a hundred years ago.

I then started to look at the beach, that was under water at least half the time...and what a treasure trove of colors, textures and life!
I continued to putter around the island, to imagine the life on the islands full time. I guess you would have to be able to entertain your self with paints, books, cameras..or even just a curious brain!
The hotel is amazing, and it carries a lot of its history through the years, but i wonder what it would be in a hundred years from now. They have recently put in solar panels, which takes up a lot of the rocky shore, but you don't have to hear the constant hum of the generators...

the gazebo still stands, and is a significant structure on the island profile

Then there is the light-house, standing strong against the many skies that boast its beauty!


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