Monday, October 10, 2011

I apologize to my students for not posting!

I somehow locked myself out of my blog...but figured my way back in!  How confusing is that~ 
I am also trying to figure out how to WATERMARK my images and make them non-printable!  So if there are any techies out there that no how to do this, Im up for a lesson!

jacki hinton
I am saying how pleased i am with the "Sepia Class" we did...I just wish everybody was there to enjoy the class.
Jackie chose to take a COLOR painting and transform it into detail tones grading the values!  KUDOS JACKI! you did a great job!
I think we will revisit this project, and just hope the rest of the class shows up to jump on board!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This weeks class was kind of a review of last week. Values?

After we did it in color last week, I saw that the students were afraid to go as dark as they needed to in the foreground.  This is what makes this type of painting, it make you feel you are IN the painting, looking through the branches.  A lot of people missed class last week, (9/13/11)
So we will do it again. Also, i want students to start looking at old family photo's. Its time to do the SEPIA SERIES. Its a great way to learn values, or the VALUE of a VALUE study!
THanks for reading...
from the studio of ART TO ART
Jackrabbit lane, stratham NH

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saturdays show in South Portland Maine (Aug 13 2011)

The weather was perfect!  Of course the company was as well!  Cori on one side and my new friend Sheryl on the other! Last but not least, CHelsea was my helper for the day... The "Mill Creek Park" Art in the Park has allways been a nice show, laid back with nice people running it! Some of the paintings i put in, are....Up above, i still dont know how to post where i want to!  I will add more in the next post! ~~  But, after class tonight, I am heading up to Mi Te Jo campground for the rest of the week! Ill be listening to the loons, and painting and eating HEALTHY!  I WILL DO THIS!  I will also take brisk walks, and try to accept that my cell phone has NO service up there!  Uysually i do, but i have no contract and i am using virgin maybe thats a good thing!
Well, I am going to do as many shows this fall as i can get in to, so let me know folks, if there are any out there!  or for reading,!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Such a buzy summer!!! (8/11)

Getting ready for a show in South Portland's "Art in the Park".
Had a great show in Newburyport this year. Ive been inspired by the beautiful LOTUS plant in my water garden!  What an amazing plant,it has brought beauty all summer long with the most wonderful flower!

The water lilies have been great also, but its exciting to have this new element for the frogs, to hang out on the huge lotus leaves, and the fish have a great place to hide from the herring! 
Ill post paintings that will be bringing to the show tomorrow soon!  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On top of this weather being so awesome,I have an exciting new addition to garden!!!
This  wonderful LOTUS,is going to my painting variety. I have always admired this sturdy, yet delicate presence it brings to any water garden.
After stumbling on them at 
ROLLING GREEN NURSERY I almost lost my breath!...
Plus its been years since i have been to that Nursery, and is is one of the areas hidden secrets for sure! rolling green nursery Had the plants that i had been searching for and some that i had given up on.  I am going to go there and paint for a day. I cant wait!!!
Its starting off to be a buzy summer, working at Namco, Gardening for a friend,and my own gardens,getting ready for my classes, as well as all the other things that come along with bein' a mom, etc!
I am going tobe starting my summer  class schedule,next week, painting classes will run Tuesdays. If you have questions,dont hesitate to     email me at 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


What a beautiful sunny day!
watercolors plus!   ALL LEVELS  Class size is maxed out at 6 to 8

TUESDAYS 10:30 12:30 and 6:30- 8:30 
The evening class is pretty full, but i inticapate some people switching to days. If it stays full, ill get the THURSDAY eve class going again.
COST $65.00 per 4 week month
            $80.00        5 week month
With advanced notice, $20.00 guest fee, (if there is room)
Payment is EXPECTED ON FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH to HOLD YOUR SEAT. If you cant make it, please mail it.
The daytime class will hopefully get to paint outside!  SUMMER IS THE BEST!!!
Ill post more later, or is you want more info sooner, please email or
Thanks for reading...Have a great sunny day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

You "gotta" love spring!!!

When you step outside, first thing in the morning, the world has started with out you!  You hear the birds working diligently on their nests, peepers sending out their signals, as well watching things turn green, right in front of your very eyes!  The smell of spring is something to behold. The damp dirt, the faint smells of blossoms getting ready to open, and if you are lucky, the smell of grass, freshly cut.
WHY? Why would anybody want to live anywhere else, and miss the change of seasons.  Just when we get bored with the old season, another starts creeping in, and by the time we realize it, we also realize, its time to jump, and make what ever changes it calls for.
The earth, waiting to be turned, the weeds, the first to appear, waiting to be yanked....leaves from the previous fall, hiding in the corners...Doing what they can to protect the earth from the snow, that has finally melted.

The hunt,...before you know it, the weather is just right, for a the Lady Slippers to begin there journey.  It takes hundreds of years for a lady slipper to become the beautiful, yet quirky, isolated flower, that it is.  The lady, she may be alone in the woods, where you left her, last year...Or she may be with a group of "Other" ladies...waiting to show their stuff. But in lady slipper world, it does take such a long time to reach maturity, and the elegance, that is respected by so many.
PLEASE~ leave the ladies alone, they are not lonely, they just "are"!  And the chances are good, if you try to take one for your garden, you will disturb so many years of circumstance, and hard work. That may never be appreciated again, if it is removed for selfish reasons.  The roots of the ladies, run along way, just under the surface or the of carpet of decayed leaves. These roots, will support many other ladies along the way. If one is disturbed, its the end of an era!

Tis the end of the day! Had a nice class. Just me and Linda B..Working on watercolor canvas this week. Most students seemed to enjoy! YAY!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

wow, March 20, 2011...where is the time

Im happy it is spring, its been a long winter. Inside and out. My heart has been stuck in a black hole, but i feel it is opening up again.  Spring is so wonderful...playing in the yucky, stinky pond, and under all the smelly dead stuff, i gentley(sp?) started pulling the dead stuff off a sunken lilie, i see a bud beginning already!  Just 2 days ago everything was frozen how did that happen?
Then, looking over the zebra grass and the cat o' nine tales, i see new growth there! YIPPEE!  never mind the corkscrew grass that never skipped a beat!  Unfortunatly, my fish and frogs didnt all fare so well. Maybe we will pay better attention next year, when we are closing it up for the season.
But last summer, though the weather was grand, we had so so many trials and tribulations. Its a miracle we came through to the other side. Hopefully, we got all the sad,bad and scary stuff out of the way.
I miss my little store, Art to Art is still "intact" but not so commercial. I am still giving classes, and have some supplies, but not sure what i am doing with the supply end of things!
I have room for new students, and looking to do a day class this spring and summer...Anytakers?

Well, thanks for reading, i am going to see if i have any new pictures to post! ENJOY THE SUNSHINE~

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