Sunday, December 15, 2013

Waking up under a crisp clean coat of snow...
Who's to enjoy it any more? You have to shovel your way to your car, then spend 10 minutes trying to get into your car, (where you last saw your scraper, and gloves?)....You finally get in the car and you go to start it, let it warm up a bit while your cleaning it off. but when you opened the door, you neglected to wipe the seat where the loose powder falls. So you sit in the seat as it slowly sinks in, Start the car, and carefully open the door, to avoid that same powder dancing down the back of your neck...the one place i feel most vulnerable on this type of day.
You scrape diligently, only to have a wiper free up and get you yet again, but this time you've been sprayed in the face with a snowballs worth of powder!
Back in the car to shut off the wipers, by now, who cares whats on the seat, down your neck or in your face!  You just want to BE DONE WITH IT!!

Just a sample, this morning...had to be to work for 5 am, so eventually, that was the easy part of the day...Tried to get out for 10, to get home to my "open studio" Only to have the same fun, in the parking lot, trying to escape!
I sit now in my cozy studio, with my elder dog, and at last i can "enjoy" the "clean and serene" that surrounds me.
(And its not even winter yet)!
AN hour late, but I am here...
And its all good!  I finished this painting up now on to the next!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

This has been a tough year to pull off an "Open House", due to weather, animals, space and life!
But Im moving forward as planned!  I just wish i had'nt broken my "BLACK N DECKER" tea pot! Now i cant offer anything warm to my guests!  
Well, i shouldnt say that, its 85 degrees in here due to the pellet stove David installed!
Getting ready for the storm as everybody else is, I will be here tomorrow (Sunday) 12/15/2013
Ive taken a few more pictures with my phone. I keep finding pieces that are stashed away due to lack of wall space!

Well, thats enough for now, time to go do some "MEET and GREET"
thanks for reading!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Art to Arts open Studio!

Saturday & Sunday
DEC 14, 15, & 21, 22
I have some new as well as some older pieces available. Prices from $3.00 and up, commissions available on request, as well as class info.  Light refreshments.
Don't hesitate to call or email!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I WILL be open weekends12/ 7&8, 14&15, 21&22...(sat and sun) 10-4...

I am working on getting the studio presentable for viewing!  I need a few more days, please be patient with me!  More to follow>>>

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Getting ready for the Greenland Pie Festival, Greenland NH  SUNDAY, November 24, 10-3
Located at the Greenland Central School, on Post Rd, Greenland NH.
Framing some new pieces,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tip toe,,thru the tulips? A little corny, yet true!

Well, yesterday, as i was roaming around Central park,  My friend notice these lovely, sun kissed, disheveled tulips.  Maybe in there final days, but yet oh so beautiful.  I liked the many effects as i took these pictures. I like the transparency of the sun on the petals, the statement of relaxed petals, wondering if they were every "traditional"..and the negative dark spaces through out the stems. Maybe we can explore these elements in class tonight...what do you think ladies?
 Im thinking the first picture?   Maybe, i have to look and crop in a bit, but this is a start!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Its been a little while, but we had such nice results with the class that did the zinnia close up!

I did a pencil value studio of the peachy zinnia, and though i thought the color was what drew me to it, I find it may have been, but the difinition of each little petal, doing its share to make that a stunning little study!
When I attempted to express this in color, i got all twisted up and couldnt leave well enough alone.  I had started with nice light shade of a mix of Turners yellow, and maybe a dab of "opera"..playing with the colors, it was hard to get the softness...I did get there eventually, and after laying the shadows down...I couldnt leave well enough alone.  I try to darken the petals with more "color" and i lost the contrast!  Dont you hate when you push something and you know you shouldn't!
All in all, i have to say, the students work came out superior! But thats what we want anyway!~! 
Next class, or maybe it was the class did a study on the textures of fruits....
Jackie Hinton~she loves those dew drops!

Jackie Hinton

Cheryl ...Arold, I hope i spelled that right! Nice textures

Eilene  Blanchard,,,she wasnt quite done yet, but its lookin good!

this was a pic of one of the "studies". I liked the contrast of the skins on the bark i found in my fire wood. I neglected to take the pictures of the rest of the work. Maybe ill do that next class!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

close up, a picture within a picture?

this is a zoom of 
\/ that guy, down there!\/

OK students. The idea is to look at pieces of this flower, and let a PIECE of it fill the paper. Look at the shapes, shadows, and how it is composed as you crop it. You dont have to crop where i cropped, but only what i have cropped or less. I am working on a pencil study, so we will see if i can translate what i am asking for. I am going to post some of last weeks paintings.

I need pictures of the rest of you gals...but these look pretty good! Nice job ladies.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick walk in the yard, trying to inspire and get motivated for the best season of all! Garden season!!

This is a pond fairies day in my pond/garden

Sister lotus, who will open to the sun first?

The statue that contemplates, forever and a day...

the lilies that give continuously, until there is nothing left to give

The frogs do their share, do keep the insects down...
and entertainment up!

The light can be so selective, why you and not me?

Adams needle stands protective over the purple cone flower(echinacea)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Do you smell the MAPLE SYRUP?

Buddha is waiting for spring, as well as I...Waiting for the first walk on sleeping brown muddy grass.  Looking for clues of spring.  Usually the Iris's are peeking their green tips, even before the snow falls.
Knowing in time they will be there for your early viewing pleasure.  Though the spotty show of crocus and delicate stance of bloodroot is still a few months away.
I think going through the process in my head, helps to survive the NE winter and its sometime dreary attire.
My daughter got out of the car the other night and thoughtlessly said,"I smell maple syrup mom"..
I thought,"yay! Its not my imagination!"  Another treasure of living in the 4 season zone, is watching the art of tree tapping,syrup sapping, maple smelling, smoke house dwelling~ fun!
  I do remember as a 5 year old, my dad tapping the trees on our then wonderful ol' farmhouse.  I also remember my mother dreading the mess that would soon be hers.   But i think she liked the home made maple syrup as much as my dad liked tapping the trees.  It was all up to mother nature, and as many naturalists know, its fun to try to guess in your head, if the clues you have observed over the years, have given you enough knowledge to take on this feat or will you have to use the written word from the old timers from long ago.
Maybe a combination, just like learning anything...
I do enjoy trying to figure this stuff out though.  From the syrup from the maple tree to the color of OX blood., for paint pigments..who first thought to use these things in our evolving world. ?

I guess i have rambled enough, have a new computer, new pass words, new format, new everything. Maybe ill be able to check in more then once every 4 months,,,
Oh yes, and to talk about ART!!! LETS PAINT!!!!

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