Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where has the time gone?? Gettin' ready for shows...

I have signed up for a couple of shows this Holiday season. I have the wonderful GREENLAND PIE FESTIVAL,put on by the
It is Nov. 21,2010 and it starts at 10:00 a.m. The "pie" Festival is exactly that, the women, aside from putting this high end fine arts and crafts event, stay up all night and make a crazy variety of pies for people to purchase for the up-coming Holidays. It has become quite a tradition in the seacoast area, and i am excited to be part if it once again!
Then, I am joining in at the Dondero School event on Dec 4, 2010. 9a.m.-2p.m. They have moved this event from and after school afternoon, to a Saturday. THis gives the shoppers more time, and probably makes it a little easier for the vendors!
I will have my original watercolors, notecards of my works, and i may bring my purses made of recycled neck ties
So, on that note, I am trying to do a lot of "smaller" more affordable pieces of work.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

autumn is all around us...(and the studio was clean for a minute!)

Its that sweatshirt time of year, the smell of smoke in a far off woodstove, the geese overhead, laying out their flight plan...the dogs snuggle really tight...and we all know whats ahead!
Hopefully something productive, that would be nice! I feel like its been forever since i have been productive...I feel like i have been a waste of air! Lets get the show on the road and do something fun!

Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1, and i am still STUcK!

I went out to the studio today, only to find a leak...But i did have a "twinge" of wanting to paint. I have takin' some nice photos lately, and i think my block may be coming to an end! I hope so, i miss the frenzy...Well, I hope all is well out there, Enjoy the "interesting skies" we have been having! Starting a new "Young adult" class on Mondays after school, 4:15-5:45 ish...Im looking forward to it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The cooler weather alows me to wear bigger baggier cloths, i love that! I dont like chilly toes in the a.m. so i have to get some fuzzy socks!
I HAVE A PAINTERS BLOCK...its driving me crazy...i want to lock in to a painting and go!
I think i may take out the oils and let her rip...
I am sorry i havent been posting, but the drama in life sometimes makes things like posting on blogs such an effort. But i have to get back into my art world. I went to the Isabella gardner stewart?sp?? museum in Boston the other was an inspiration to be eclectic, but it didnt hit my art button. So i think i will go to the Currier in Manchester. Maybe that will speak to me.
I still have some art supplies left from the store..Some w.c paints, prisma colorpencils, markers.tombows , some oils, just stuff. I have to get it together to either use it, or ebay it! THough ebay is kind of pricey, especially if the stuff doesnt sell! Anyway, going for a walk, then a meeting, then hopefully i will be inspired to make magic!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

AUGUST 16,2010

Hi folks, sorry for not posting in awhile, but it has been hectic,,,and yes, i am still getting the "studio" together, unpacking and making room for all my NEW stuff!
I am doing classes,and going to be posting more info hopefully before Sept.If anybody needs any answers, feel free to email me.

I did take a few days to go to NY with my youngest, and it was alot of fun. Perfect weather, and perfect company! I want to go back ASAP~! Do you know about the buses that run out of Boston~New York...I only paid 36.00 round trip, and that was high! There are many buses running hourly, and the average is 15.00 an hour. I will pay the extra 5 Bucks next time to reserve a seat! But other then that,,,it was great, can almost do it in a day!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Almost all out of the store

Hi good folks, I am 97 % out of the Newmarket location...Just waiting for some strong men and a trailer, and im out of there. Sad yes, but i realllly missed my home studio. I am so happy to be back there, and home where I can be available for my parents if they need me, work on the house...take care of my dogs...I just was never meant to be a 9-5 er! So i hope my people will follow me there, I will have w/c classes there and if my distributer lets me, i will do some retail. I am going to start up another kids class, i miss the innocence of youth! The approach they have to art, and to see things with clear eyes!
If anybody needs to get ahold of me, you can try my email..I will call comcast and see about switching all that stuff over to the studio. I still have the 292 number, but dont answer it. Maybe i will call forward? Duh, that would be too easy now wouldnt it!
I will be doing an inventory of items i still have, but i am totaly looking forward to using most of it! YEAH!!!
Well, on to do some book work,,,ewww,,,see ya'll on the flip side
p s I will be doign the HERITAGE FESTIVAL!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Still selling stuff

I am going in to the store today, Sunday July 18, from 10-1:00..Prismacolor and tombow Markers are 1.00 each. Also, the large tubes of WINTON OIL paints, 1/2 off...Liquitex Acrylics,1/2 off...I still have WN and COTMAN watercolors tubes, they are 40% off, I have canson MiTients pastel paper, Still have large canvas's 1/2off...lots of little stuff, paint sets, charcoal pads,stuff on the "spinny rack"...I am also hoping people will want some of the display racks. The ones that the paint are in..
Oh yes, I still have some INKS, Higgins, WN and F&W..
Paint mediums, a very few brushes, some fair trade stuff, a few "Ellie Pooh" items...
ANd after all is said and done, I hope people will remember that i will be in Stratham at my home studio, 15 Jackrabbit Lane. I may still sell watercolor supplies, we will see how much room i have when i get situated. If you want to call and make sure I am still in the store,(to stop in and look around) you can call 603-2923668..I am not holding regular hours due to the heat. The only drawback to my little spot is there are no windows that open! UGH..Though, when they finish the new floor-plan, it will make somebody a great little store front. Its very hard for me to let it go. I am very attached to that little brick building...But instead of paying rent, I would like to contribute to the household...and teaching and working out of my home makes that happen. I hope any body with gift certificates have cashed them all in! I know most have, but there may be some straggelers!
Anyway, call the store if you need anymore info. Have a great day,thanks for reading and i will do my best to update as time goes on. THanks Pattie

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lots o' stuff left!

Thank you to everybody and there kind words. Yes I am sad, but just want to get it over with at this point. I cant believe how much stuff i have put in such a small space! UGH! Today, Sunday, I will go in for a couple hours and pack up some more things, I'd say from 9 til 12 ish. Call before you come, just to be sure I am there. Here are some pictures of things left. LIQUITEX PAINTS(tubes) many colors, water colors, oils, markers, Prisma color, TOmbow, Itoya, (markers are going 2 for the price of 1)...Large Charcoal pads, marker pads,watercolor pads, Montval blocks, some decent brushes,Kids stuff, Ellie pooh, Fair trade stuff,too much to mention, Ill post some pics, that may help!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So I finaly made the decision to CLOSE art to art

Yes, it makes me sad, but I have been struggeling with it for awhile. I belong in the studio painting, and teaching, not trying to keep books, and prices and all that stuff. Plus, my life has gotten very busy with family and all, and i just had to prioratize.
I will be selling stuff off, (unless somebody wants to buy the biz)...So if you need art supplies, ill start at 25%. Im hoping to get in there even today(wed)..but being hot, it may be a problem. Im thinking by Saturday, i will do a "Yardsale" on the side walk. But i cant GIVE the stuff away, but there are things I dont want to
store..I am an artist first, so there are things ill be using for my classes etc,
My classes will be based out of my studio in Stratham, as they have been for years.
So dont fret students!
If anybody has any questions, call my cell 583-3431
Thanks for reading! And thanks for all your support over the last year and a 1/2!
PS I apologize for my spelling, its part of the charm,,,,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JUNE 15! Watercolor "to go" sale!

OK, so I am a sucker for watercolor kits, pads, journals...etc...Being a OCD watercolor artist, i have to have it all. But then, do I? So i have some that have been in the store that would much wrather be out in the field, being painted on or with! So how about I say 25% off select merchandise, til the end of June. THat way, I can order more stuff that looks neat and I have to have!

ALSO! I have a show going on at the BIG BEAN In Newmarket, NH Right on Main st, Next to Marellis, FRUIT & REAL ESTATE! Best damn breakfast around, and that is saying it lightly!

JASON MICHAELS has done a great job on THE CORNER STONE GALLERY, 170 Main st, Newmarket...GO JASON...check out the sign he hand carved above the door! And never forget about my girl, CORI CAPUTO, she has some work here,(Art to ART) but go to her website and get a full listing, She is really getting it out there! GO CORI! (ps, thanks for stopping by today Cori, my spirits are good!thanks to you!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello again, June 11th already!

Here we are, gliding into summer, and the gardens are like jungles, begging for some help! Art to art is slow...and i havent been feeling that great,,,maybe even a 4th bout of LYME disease. There has been alot going on, and its been affecting the store, and once again i apologize. I do have classes running, and there is room...

MONDAYS 10;30-12:30 (like to switch to Tues)

TUESDAYS 6:30-8:30 ...And there is room in the week for other classes on Mon or, pref. Tuesdays. EMAIL for more info.

ART WORK? I am lucky to have paintings at the BIG BEAN , Main St Newmarket NH, GREAT FOOD< href="">

STORE NUMBER is 603-292-3668, call or email to see whats up! Thanks for reading...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I keep trying to post, and get interupted..

It looks like i will, so I will be able to do some expanding in July, so i will be able to organize my classes a little better...

In the mean while, i will do y best to hang in here, but i t would be nice to sell some product on the way! Come on folks, al you Newmarket people the are so excited I am here, where are you?

This town is NEVER going to grow, with out some support! I love it here, but love aint payin the rent!

Here are a few new pieces I have painted, maybe you should stop by and say hi!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Im BACK! spring info)

I just returned from Florida, and getting ready to get back into the swing of things.
I recieved an email from LACA, and they are asking for artists to come out and paint on Mothers Day, during the artwalk in Newmarket. So, if anybody reads this that would like to paint on Mothers day, send an email to or go to
Also, store hours? Its very hard to figure out the hours i should be open. I sit there for days and not 1 person comes in, then a day comes by and 5 people come in. I m the lone sitter, I cant afford to hire people, and i have a situation at home that needs my attention. So,,,any suggestions?
People say how wonderful it is to have me there, and how lucky they are to find me, then they go home and order on line. Tech Products suffered the same fate. I know, I worked there.
I do want people to know, I DO NOT mark up my products. I try to buy on special, and then discount at purchase. Brushes I can usually get a good discounts on,,,not paper or paint. I am going to try to deversafy my w.c. paint selection, so if anybudy has a favorite brand, let me know and I can see what it goes for,. I do carry GAMBLIN OIL PAINTS . I knock off 20% of suggested retail. I order a few more colors every time I order.
I do special orders on most anything. I like to post artist shows, I have a well read WINDOW. So if you have a card of an ongoing or upcomming show, send it my way!
Well, the classes that I offer at the times are, MONDAY 10:30-12:30 and Tues eve 6:30-8:30
Ill post more info later,,,,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy April 12, this is whats up...Schedule change...

I will be out of town, so I have the store covered MOST of the time...
FRIDAY 4/16....Leaving for Flor, to retrieve my parents
SATURDAY 4/17 NOT sure if I have coverage at the store
TUESDAY~ 4/20 Cori Caputo will be covering... (11:00-5:00)
WEDS ~ 4/21 Cori Caputo will be covering " " " "
THURS ~ 4/22 Lisa Ham 11:00~5:00
FRI ~ 4/23 Lisa Ham 11:00~5:00
SATURDAY 4/24 no coverage as of yet MAYBE CLOSED so sorry
Store number is 603-292-3668

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring is back...but thats OK! New stuff

If you want to see pics of art work, or store items, you can go thru the blog head lines, I tried to keep it interesting,,,but finding things on my desk top is tricky! Sunday, the 11th of April, there is a big road race in down town Newmarket. Also, it looks like i may be going to Florida around the 17th...I will be out of the store for about a week. Cori Caputo will be here 4/20 and 4/21. Maybe she'll bring more of her work and or notecards! Come in and take a peek! My friend Lisa will be trying to fill in some of the other parts. I apologizing for leaving it vague, but its hard to "hire" some one with the way business has been! Hope all had a wonderful EASTER! New Beginnings! YA!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have it all, My store my art stuff

But when a piece of your family is missing, Nothing seams to work right. Its like a motor running with a piston mis-firing....or something like that,. Sorry folks, where is the sun? I need my sun shiny sparkles?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday, 19th,,,I will be open

Ok, My electrical stuff is fixed at the store, so tomorrow i will start cleaning the mess...I would have done it earlier, but my walls were crackling and i didnt want to push it! I got a study dine though! Tis' the maple scene.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I AM SO SORRY!!!! temporarily closing the store...

due to the wetttt rainy windy days, i have had an accumulation of water in the walls, and it is shorting out my electricity. Today i was there cleaning up after the leaks and the mess...and the wall SPARKED a big one. Burned a whole in the outlet...Unfortunately, the breaker runs half of the store, and i couldnt run it even if i tried...We are waiting on a call from an electrician, and then we can make a plan. But, being as small as the store is, i have had to pull everything away from the wall, so the elec. can get to the problem...I feel really sad, cause business was turning the corner, and April 1 is my 1 year anniversary, i wanted to plan something fun. I will have some damaged things to sell 1/2 price..but we will wait and see what happens and when. If anybody needs anything at the store, call my cell 6037939938, I will be glad to come and open and get what you need. In the mean while, enjoy the nice weather,,,cause it could change at any minute!thanks for reading and if you have any comments,

Sunday, March 14, 2010


THese are my new co-workers, we know one of the names of the mice is Mossy....of course, im not sure if Max is the other...but she will let me know when she is ready,,,then there is my little artist troll, my favorite LIL student gave me, im having a hard time naming if anybody has any suggestions,,,it will help, because i am gonna put her in charge of marketing,,,

well thats all this dreary Sunday,,,off to Hampstead,,,such a dreary ride...

Thanks for reading....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sorry bout' yesterday

I hate to close the store like that in the middle of the day, but as you know, sometimes life throws things at you, and you gotta do what you gotta do. Rhode Island wasnt on the schedule, but its behind me now. Hopefully things will settle down for awhile and i can get back into the groove. Its nice to have the support of friends, old and new, no matter what is going on! So, thanks again for all your patience, and prayers! Just wish for warmer weather so we can all heal!

Anyway, i have a new friend or two working with me in the store, let me introduce them!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some new art to get through to warmer days

Ive been studying bits and pieces of Newmarket, and its been refreshing, to say the least.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Then there was light!

Im sorry Newmarket had such a bad time with the power outage...I feel bad for the restaurants that lost all their food, so if you think of it, stop into an establishment, even Marelli's...and get a lil' somethin' to help regain their losses.

I had a leak the day before the outage, and thank God i noticed it while i was in the store, it was running all down the wall...It was a bit of a mess...then having the store closed for 3 days in a row...It was a nice mini vacation! I learned i can do with out power, but the loss of cable,,,thats the killer! I am a TV addict...My PC was in the repair shop for a whole week, that was the start of my pain, but then lose the news...UGH! I did laundry,(when the power came back with no cable)...and cleaned and listened to books on tape! I used to do that for was like having an old friend back! SCARPETTA....for those of you that read Patricia Cornwell....

Well, back to the store...Tuesday Night class is FULL, but Monday 10:30 -12;30...we have a couple seats... I am pretty well stocked on GAMBLIN paints, W N pro watercolors, SCEPTRE brushes, kids MODELING CLAY, D'arches watercolor paper, WC paper by the sheets... then there are my handmade NECKTIE purses, wicked fun! So, on that note...i guess i will post this and ask, if anyone reads this, if you could click on this link, and do a review for my store!

I think the more clicks it gets, it might come up on a google search?

OH yes, another important tid-bit, My good friend CORI CAPUTO, has been kind enough to hang a few of her delightful paintings in my store! Her paintings are a source of magic, if not for a minute, they allow you to escape, and imagine a fun, happy place where anything is possible!

For more on Cori's work, go to You will see her many talents all in one place!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vacation week

Hi all, I just got in 3 shipments, alot of new brushes, LIQUITEX colors, White mixing oil paints. Water color papers, D'Arches, hot and cold press 140 lb and 300 pound, lots of modeling clay for the kids, some realy awesome Dover coloring books...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Im whats new at ART TO ART?

Florida was relaxing,the weather was an "8". It was good to get away , so i could come back and re-focus on the store!

I want people to know that i spend ALLOT of time with my customers, because i want to understand what they need. I do NOT want to up sell any product, and i will not sell something unless you need it. I believe that new students have a large expense, getting in to a new medium, and i do my best to meet a middle ground, so you have quality materials, and you can ad to your pallet as you learn more about paints, brands etc.
I DO NOT mark my products up. As a matter of fact, I sometimes have to pay more at wholesale, than some customers can get at retail. It really stinks, because if the BIG BRANDS want me to work with new comers to the art world, they should make it a little more compatable. I cant compete with the catalogues and the warehouses, no matter what i do, and its going to keep forcing the educated art store, to close down.
On that note, i will continue to search for specials when i order, and do the best i can to keep my prices down. And if you need something, and i dont have it, let me know, Ill do my best to get it in. Thanks for reading

Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Since Christmas its been!

WOW, sorry i havent been posting, but i got a sewing machine for Christmas, and i am having a blast! I have always wanted to learn how to "master" the sewing machine beast, george! Ive got it!~
Just in time, cause i have NO room on my walls, so i have to slow down on the painting...and thats killing me. This keeps me buzy, keeps my mind buzy, and i just sew from open to close!
I have learned some of the hazards though...especially sewing in the winter, when life is so dry anyway...i have thread hanging off of me, my machine, my dog...every where i go, static city! So i have resorted to stickin' dryer sheets in my pocket, and when things start to stick, i am armed...and everything suddenly smells like that cute little Teddy Bear on the commercial...actually, i am beginning to FEEL like that TEDDY BEAR, and it isnt pretty. Something about allll those sweets people were kind enough to give me over the Holidays! THE RUM BALLS started it all, it was like i hadnt eating for months, then my lovely little daughter Chelsea decided to do some wonderful baking this year! WOW! 7 layer cookies, reese's peanut butter thingy's, cookies, an di had to make lasagna, just had to! Its like, I wanted people to know, I CAN work that mechanical thing in the kitchen,,,,no not the 10 trash compacter, but that other thing,,,4 burners, o yeah, stove! I used to work one on a regular basis...and then, it happened, I WOKE UP!
K, E nough of the wise cracks, what was i going to blog about,,,, thinking.....
THE STORE! That right, THANK YOU NEWMARKET NH and friends. I had an encouraging Christmas! Not gang-buster, but pretty much what i expected...It was especialy nice that a lot of locals on the "strip" came out to support me, and i tried to do the same. Its really tough in Newmarket, because the construction from past years has really stuck with some folks..But they are starting to come around. And it is appreciated! Another boost on the strip is
ORGANIC BONITA,, (I think thats the web sight!) Its an ALL ORGANIC hair salon...Yes, perms, colors, facials, you name it! Miss Tammy does it all! Check it out!
She is located right next to MAMA LENA"S who is just a few steps away from Newmarkets fun little coffee shop and book store! CRACKSKULLS! A unique landmark in this town, Well, now I have to mention the Lamprey River Tavern, great place for a beer after a long day, Marelli's FRUIT AND REAL ESTATE, for all your convenience store needs! Then, Last but not least..THE BIG BEAN!! YUMMY! And I mean yummy! Very crunchy, casual and comfortable! Best Breakfast in town!

OK, back to the store, I still have some items on sale, if i get good deals from my "Company's, then i do pass them on to you guys...I DO NOT MARK THINGS UP! NEVER! So if you think i am over priced, its because i dont get the same deals as the BIG guys do, I dont have wharehouse i more or less get punished! Yet, I do spend more time with my customers then...well, you know, those other stores! Or try asking a catalogue what pigments you need, or what brushes work with what! Back to what i was posting for! I WILL be out of town from JAN 20/10 to JAN 26/10... Going to Florida to see my folks. The store will be open as much as possible, but i would advise you to call first if you are making a special trip!.
603-292-3668...Well, i must get back to my paper work...but i will take pictures of what i have been sewing. Does anybody even read this?

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