Saturday, January 16, 2010

Since Christmas its been!

WOW, sorry i havent been posting, but i got a sewing machine for Christmas, and i am having a blast! I have always wanted to learn how to "master" the sewing machine beast, george! Ive got it!~
Just in time, cause i have NO room on my walls, so i have to slow down on the painting...and thats killing me. This keeps me buzy, keeps my mind buzy, and i just sew from open to close!
I have learned some of the hazards though...especially sewing in the winter, when life is so dry anyway...i have thread hanging off of me, my machine, my dog...every where i go, static city! So i have resorted to stickin' dryer sheets in my pocket, and when things start to stick, i am armed...and everything suddenly smells like that cute little Teddy Bear on the commercial...actually, i am beginning to FEEL like that TEDDY BEAR, and it isnt pretty. Something about allll those sweets people were kind enough to give me over the Holidays! THE RUM BALLS started it all, it was like i hadnt eating for months, then my lovely little daughter Chelsea decided to do some wonderful baking this year! WOW! 7 layer cookies, reese's peanut butter thingy's, cookies, an di had to make lasagna, just had to! Its like, I wanted people to know, I CAN work that mechanical thing in the kitchen,,,,no not the 10 trash compacter, but that other thing,,,4 burners, o yeah, stove! I used to work one on a regular basis...and then, it happened, I WOKE UP!
K, E nough of the wise cracks, what was i going to blog about,,,, thinking.....
THE STORE! That right, THANK YOU NEWMARKET NH and friends. I had an encouraging Christmas! Not gang-buster, but pretty much what i expected...It was especialy nice that a lot of locals on the "strip" came out to support me, and i tried to do the same. Its really tough in Newmarket, because the construction from past years has really stuck with some folks..But they are starting to come around. And it is appreciated! Another boost on the strip is
ORGANIC BONITA,, (I think thats the web sight!) Its an ALL ORGANIC hair salon...Yes, perms, colors, facials, you name it! Miss Tammy does it all! Check it out!
She is located right next to MAMA LENA"S who is just a few steps away from Newmarkets fun little coffee shop and book store! CRACKSKULLS! A unique landmark in this town, Well, now I have to mention the Lamprey River Tavern, great place for a beer after a long day, Marelli's FRUIT AND REAL ESTATE, for all your convenience store needs! Then, Last but not least..THE BIG BEAN!! YUMMY! And I mean yummy! Very crunchy, casual and comfortable! Best Breakfast in town!

OK, back to the store, I still have some items on sale, if i get good deals from my "Company's, then i do pass them on to you guys...I DO NOT MARK THINGS UP! NEVER! So if you think i am over priced, its because i dont get the same deals as the BIG guys do, I dont have wharehouse i more or less get punished! Yet, I do spend more time with my customers then...well, you know, those other stores! Or try asking a catalogue what pigments you need, or what brushes work with what! Back to what i was posting for! I WILL be out of town from JAN 20/10 to JAN 26/10... Going to Florida to see my folks. The store will be open as much as possible, but i would advise you to call first if you are making a special trip!.
603-292-3668...Well, i must get back to my paper work...but i will take pictures of what i have been sewing. Does anybody even read this?


GloamingDesigns said...

well, clearly i do, and i still want a bicycle pin. :)

tammy pierce said...

Love all your art work! It is so calming to view each day in my salon...thanks for the 'plug-in' for "Organic Bonita" is correct ;)
I do offer all hair services, spa pedi and mani, and facial waxxing. No facials however, with that being in my bigger location someday? Or at least another "intimate" space possibly in Portsmouth or Rye! Who know's... the organic hair revolution is taking over and thank goodness it is! It's so good for you and it has longevity, high lift blondes, and covers all unwanted grey! Looooving it all! Please stop in or call to schedule your customized services!
"Bienvenida" Welcome!!!!

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