Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JUNE 15! Watercolor "to go" sale!

OK, so I am a sucker for watercolor kits, pads, journals...etc...Being a OCD watercolor artist, i have to have it all. But then, do I? So i have some that have been in the store that would much wrather be out in the field, being painted on or with! So how about I say 25% off select merchandise, til the end of June. THat way, I can order more stuff that looks neat and I have to have!

ALSO! I have a show going on at the BIG BEAN In Newmarket, NH Right on Main st, Next to Marellis, FRUIT & REAL ESTATE! Best damn breakfast around, and that is saying it lightly!

JASON MICHAELS has done a great job on THE CORNER STONE GALLERY, 170 Main st, Newmarket...GO JASON...check out the sign he hand carved above the door!
www.jasonmichaelsdesign.com And never forget about my girl, CORI CAPUTO, she has some work here,(Art to ART) but go to her website and get a full listing, She is really getting it out there! GO CORI! www.coricaputo.com (ps, thanks for stopping by today Cori, my spirits are good!thanks to you!)

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