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Pattie Ryan Perkins
watercolors plus!
Suggested supply list.
To start with, decent paper is most important! Montval, made by Canson is a good student grade, as well as professional.
I will give students an INITIAL discount of 20% This means when you get the first bulk of supplies, min. $40.00 total purchase.
I am doing this to compete with the on-line suppliers, because I think its important for people to know what they are buying, and to be able to touch it, look at it, etc. It is very expensive to start painting, so I am doing my best to make it affordable, and if you stay with painting, as you replenish supplies, you can go with the better pigments, etc.

Paints, PAN or TUBE
**Perm Alizarin Crimson *Lemon Yellow
**Ultramarine Blue *Cerulean Blue
**Perm. Sap Green *Hookers Green
**Cad Red Scarlet Lake
**Cad yellow Perm Magenta
**Yellow Ochre Cad Orange
**Sepia Cobalt Blue
The prices on some paints varies by series.** means most imp, *means sencondary, etc
Student grade watercolors sometimes have 2 series.
Professional paints have up to series 5 or 6. #6 Reason being, some pigments are very expensive and hard to get.
We will go over those kinds of things over time.
Brushes also vary in price, but there are many affordable sets, made out of synthetic materials. I have several of these personally, because my brush care is not that great!
Flat, a 1” to 2” flat is good to have for “washes”, skies, oceans, etc!
Then a large round is good, 16 round or larger.
A smaller round, any where from 12 round to 8 round.
Try to get brushes specific for watercolor. I will have a lot of items in the store, and will go over the different types.
If you have stuff at home, you are welcome to bring that in to the first class, before purchasing anything, and we will see what you can use.
I am definitely NOT trying to “up sell” products for the store, and only want you to start with what you need and you will know soon enough weather or not you will be painting for a long time!
There are way too many types of paper, so I will be specific here.
The usual paper that pro. Artist use, it the D'Arches, 140 pound cold press. This is sold by the sheet (22 x 30) for app. $ 8.00 a sheet.
You can get 4 paintings out of one sheet, that will matt a frame at app. 16 X 20. Break that down its only $2.00 per painting.
Then there is **Canson's Montval Paper. This is great paper cost wise, and it will work for the student or professional artist.
The Montval Paper is also 22 X 30, and cost about $3.00 a sheet.
You can buy this paper in pads, as well as “blocks”.
You should have s sketch pad, not too large, a couple of pencils, 2b and 2h. Gum eraser, or kneaded eraser. Masking tape, or artist tape.
Plastic container for water. Paper towels.
You should also have a collection of photos, or pictures cut out of magazines, Calendars etc., that you may want to attempt!

HOME PHONE#_________________CELL_____________-
Availability for sessions. Mark class times that you would like, you can put down more then one. 1 for first choice, etc.
I may have to move things around to fill up classes. You could also indicate flexability.
When you pay for the class, you pay for the month. Your seat is your weather your there or not. If you know in advance that you may not be there, we may be able to adjust. But as you know, I have made a commitment to “pay the rent” so I need commitments in return.
Class cost is $65.00 per 4 week month, $80.00 per 5 week month.
This does include 1 piece of Montval WC paper.
Adult A.M. 10:30- 12:30
Kids Afternoon 2:30- 4:00 (age 8 and up)
(prompt pick up expected)
Adult Eve 6:30-8:30
Kids a.m. 10:30-12:00
Adult Eve 6:30-8:30
A $20.00 Deposit will hold your spot for class desired.
I reserve the right to cancel class do to lack of sign up, then your $20.00 deposit would be returned.
Any questions, feel free to email me at
or call the store at 603-292-3668

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